Horse Racing Around the World Trips

For those that love the thrill of the race, especially the thundering hooves of horses as they charge down the straight; we offer trips to great horse races around the globe. Imagine yourself, impeccably dressed and accompanying someone special, sipping Champagne in the Members Stand at Royal Ascot or the Kentucky Derby. You look around and casually wave at the Agha Khan, who is standing nearby; and over there is Mick Jagger laughing at something Princess Mary said. The breeze is blowing white silk flags on a sunny perfect blue sky day and the tickets in your hot little hand are hundred pound bets to win on some sure thing. Your Amani suit stylishly clings to your svelte form and you can just catch your reflection in your shiny new Florsheims. God it is good to be alive right now!

This does not have to be a dream; we can make it possible for you and your loved ones. First class travel to the great racetracks around the world. Tickets into their Members’ Stands. A Rolls Royce with chauffeur parked outside and awaiting your instructions for your next destination. Five-star accommodation in the heart of London at The Savoy. An invitation to a garden party at the palace. When you travel to the world’s best races with us, you do it in style. A day at the races is truly a memorable experience to savour.

Horse Racing Around the World Trips

We can take you to the Melbourne Cup; the richest horserace in the world. Hob nob down under with a cornucopia of celebrities and stars. Attend exciting AFL matches at the MCG. Dine out at world class restaurants in one of Australia’s finest gourmet cities. This package also includes tickets to the Breakfast with Owners, Trainers and Jockeys who are participating in the Melbourne Cup.

Or, we can transport you to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong Cup at Sha Tin Racecourse. Spend a day with the very rich and famous. Rub shoulders with a mass of fanatical Chinese gamblers. Eat delicious food and party like there is no tomorrow.

Alternatively, you may prefer to experience the joys of the American Triple Crown. Firstly, in Kentucky for the Derby; then, at Pimlico in Baltimore for the Preakness Stakes; before finally, shaking yourself in New York for the Belmont Stakes. Those Yankees sure know how to have a good time; and you will be close to the action throughout the day.

Don’t let these opportunities remain dreams; your bucket list priorities are awaiting your green light as we speak!