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Entrepreneur Tours: Touring Silicon Valley

Gee, you would have to be a real dork, to want to see the garage where Bill Gates and his mates made the first Microsoft. Prior to this, the Homebrew Computer Club had Steve Wozniak tweaking the silicon. Geeky guys with their heads inside motherboards; and swapping ideas like normal Americans swap their car keys and wives. Stanford was the epicentre of this computer explosion and life for all of us would never be the same again. The Internet was on the horizon and something called email was only a sneeze away.

Entrepreneur Tours: Touring Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, I suppose, was the last big innovative success that America had, and on that basis alone it rings loudly inside their heads. As the Irish Geldof sang, “the silicon chip inside her head switched to overload”. Microprocessor madness for information technology to storm the world with keyboards and screens. Turning real men into secretaries overnight. So, if William Shockley does it for you; and you stroke your Hewlett-Packard gently in the night; an entrepreneur tour of Silicon Valley might be your idea of a honeymoon.

Business opportunities were in their nascent development stage; and pioneers were thick on the ground, like cabling in a giant server warehouse. Australian technology business was just a glint in the eye of the electrical engineering department at WAIT. Computer networking began in Palo Alto with a memo to the “Members and Affiliates of the Intergalactic Computer Network” in 1963. Steve Jobs would pop up at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Centre; and this would, eventually, come up Apples. Adobe Systems came out of the Valley; as did a host of other early players in the field.

Silicon Valley survived the dot-com crash; and remains home to America’s most innovative region. What exactly was it about this Valley, which made it the hot spot for computer information technology? It seems, to have been a perfect storm of academic brilliance, technological pioneering, industry support, military support, and good fortune. Entrepreneurial spirit was definitely in the air and inside those stuffy home garages. Inventing things that change the world entitle those involved to be rewarded and recognised globally. Of course, the Yanks know how to spin a yarn, and Hollywood has played its part in telling a few of those celebrated stories. Homebrew was a real community of inspired pioneers; and Stanford University a great breeding ground for brilliance.

Executive Travel in Malta: Business and Conferences

If you are looking for that unique destination for your corporate event, Malta has all the answers. Just like in The Maltese Falcon with Humphrey Bogart, everyone is looking for it, looking for that special experience. Malta has the lot: a rich and exciting history involving great battles and conquests. The Romans were here, along with the Islamic hordes, then the Spanish Armada, the French and then the glorious British navy. Business thrives on comparisons with great moments in military history. Great men and women standing on the precipice of immortality. Make your conference a ripper in world class Malta.

Incentivise your sales team with a splendid trip to the islands of Malta, present a ground-breaking business conference to knock the socks off even the most jaded corporate critic. Five-star hotels and fabulous facilities will furnish your corporate event to surpass all expectations. This island nation offers awesome weather for outdoor activities like boating and swimming. Relaxing by the pool with a cocktail or two is what Malta is all about. A bevy of beautiful Maltese girls adorn the streets and clubs of this tiny but colourful country. Corporates will be endlessly stimulated in Malta.

Executive Travel in Malta: Business and Conferences

Deep sea diving and sailing will stretch the bucket list of your management team. Attending international rugby matches in our architecturally inspiring stadium will be something your colleagues will remember forever. There is more to do in Malta than you ever thought possible. Malta is also a popular destination for sporting teams for their end of season trips away. Maltese nightclubs rock on till dawn; you will dance your pants off. Party hard with team mates and put smiles on the faces of your peers and buddies.

Award winning restaurant serve up an exciting mix of culinary dishes. Maltese cuisine is unique in the world; reflecting the many cultures that have made Malta their home. Spanish influences meld with Sicilian influences and Arabian spices to produce world-class fare. You will find French and British dishes on menus at cafes and hotels around the islands. Good food, great wines and friendly service means much fun and enjoyment to be had by all. The executive on holiday in Malta will be constantly surprised at just how good the hospitality is in this island gem. No wonder so many cultures have fought over Malta; it is much more than a highly advantageous naval base, it is the gem in the crown.

How To Promote Your Travel Company: Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Travel companies today have expanded their reach integrating their services with online functionality in hopes to reach their target audience in a timely and effective manner. Marketing has evolved greatly allowing for more options which several industries can choose in the present. The same can also be said with regards to travel companies as they are given a lot of extra breathing space to experiment their marketing endeavors. Traditional and digital marketing which should you choose in promoting your travel company?

There is no denying the huge popularity of digital marketing and more and more individuals are leaning towards such practice in the present.. Because of its far reaching effects and its huge access to a larger audience, several companies today spend a huge amount of resources conventional advertising like TV, radio and billboard ads are being invested in digital marketing alternatives. Furthermore, companies are able to manage and monitor the results with more accuracy and in real time which gives it a clear edge when compared to traditional marketing.

The impact of social media in the travel marketing industry is indeed huge with travel and tourism depending heavily on the use of word-of-mouth to spread opinions and recommendations, and social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow customers to easily share tips and suggestions, which can be enormously valuable when positive. The use of social media for travel agents has indeed grown overtime and it is good to hear that there are several avenues such as Facecbook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram travel companies can use towards digital marketing.

Digital marketing however, requires careful thought and action. Companies are advised to seek the services of a digital marketing agency for them to be able to come up with a robust online marketing plan which increases the likelihood of them finding success with their endeavors. There are indeed a lot of factors that need to be implemented when you consider digital marketing. This includes personalizing your website, its content as well as the services that you provide. It is important to produce great content as this is where traffic is usually garnered. For that matter, blogging plays a vital role in achieving such success. This along with having a cool looking website will help keep your visitors stay much longer.

Another noteworthy addition is the use of online videos. Video in travel marketing are awfully popular in the present. According to a study published by Think with Google in August 2014, travelers are spending more time watching online videos than ever before. As such it important that you use both images and videos in promoting your travel company as this helps give your visitors an overview on what to expect.

Traditional marketing is still considered to be a viable option in the present and sometimes it all leads to a matter of preference for companies in choosing what is best for them. Travel companies can also consider sharing items such as promotional coffee cups to their clients to help them remember the services that they provide. What is important however is flexibility in which they are able to change their marketing campaign as they see fit. Having marketing strategies as well are vital regardless of what marketing approach that you choose.