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My Dear Friends,

What can I say? On behalf of me and my club, can I say "Congratulations!" and "Thank you!".

I hope you are both rested following our departure. I also hope that we can remain in touch for both future rugby tours and as an ongoing partnerships between Romsey Rugby Club and Maltese Rugby.

Personally, I would like to help with all aspects of the business and/or the development of Maltese rugby. I have already started to make enquiries about future funding opportunities.

If there is anything that you would like by way of a 'testimonial', then I will be only too happy to provide you with one.

Now, I must go to the pub for a 'Jeger Bomb'!

I hope you have an enjoyable and prosperous summer season!

All the very best from Romsey!

David Grosse

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Malta Youth Rugby Festival 3rd April - 6th April 2015

If you are looking for somewhere different to take your junior or youth rugby team on a youth rugby tour experience then the Malta Youth Rugby Festival is what you are looking for. Malta is a growing rugby nation and many local clubs have now got their age group rugby together. Each year we see a growing number of local youths practising this great sport. The Malta Youth Rugby Festival stages the local youths to another level and is a great opportunity for the local boys at all age groups. The level is pretty good and over the past 3 years we have seen a great improvement with games going either way.

Malta Youth Rugby Tours

Malta Youth Rugby Festival

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The event is normally hosted over 3-4 nights with 2 days of rugby and a free day, where we normally suggest an activity to experience the cultural and fun side of the Maltese islands. These include a choice of boat trips, carting grand prix, open top bus tours, paint ball and much more.

The Malta Youth Rugby Festival happens in Marsa Rugby Grounds where all teams will play in their relative groups with local clubs. On both days there is a 3rd half hosted down at the club house and on the 2nd day there is also a presentation held for all. We provide full travel packages including or excluding flights at great value so submit your interest today and start the process to bring your team on a youth rugby tour to Malta next year, a great rugby experience and lots of fun is guaranteed.

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