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My Dear Friends,

What can I say? On behalf of me and my club, can I say "Congratulations!" and "Thank you!".

I hope you are both rested following our departure. I also hope that we can remain in touch for both future rugby tours and as an ongoing partnerships between Romsey Rugby Club and Maltese Rugby.

Personally, I would like to help with all aspects of the business and/or the development of Maltese rugby. I have already started to make enquiries about future funding opportunities.

If there is anything that you would like by way of a 'testimonial', then I will be only too happy to provide you with one.

Now, I must go to the pub for a 'Jeger Bomb'!

I hope you have an enjoyable and prosperous summer season!

All the very best from Romsey!

David Grosse

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Malta Vets Rugby Tournament 1st - 4th May 2015

The Malta Vets Rugby Tournament is organised yearly and is a very popular event for many European veteran rugby teams who choose to participate in the Malta Vets. Great fun and a joyful and welcoming rugby community is guaranteed. Most of all, Vets rugby tournaments are all about socializing but a good game of rugby goes a long way too. The Malta Vets Rugby Tournament simply provides for a great weekend of events and testing of ones skills and stamina overall. This will be the 6th year that we are running the Matla Vets Rugby Tournament and we look forward to welcoming many veteran rugby teams from all over Europe. All teams normally arrive by Thursday or Friday morning at the latest. On Friday afternoon it will be time for rugby where we will meet up in a manager's meeting to set off the weekend. Straight after there will be the welcome party where all teams will be provided with a limited amount of free drinks to be consumed at the official bar of the tourney.
Malta Vets Rugby
Malta Vets Rugby

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On Saturday afternoon we will hold the rugby event, beer and food will obviously be made available at the playing venue. After the matches there is a presentation and 3rd half at the rugby club house and in the evening there is a fancy dress party with lots of drinking and partying till the early hours of the morning. On Sunday its a free day or activity day finishing off with an optional end of tournament dinner. We provide full travel packages including or excluding flights at great value so submit your request now and let us deal with your rugby tour requirements for next year, its much easier than you think and we look forward to host you on our islands for a memorable rugby tour organised in the true spirit of this great game.