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Thanks for the email, Pierre. The feedback you received was accurate. The tour was an absolute success from our perspective and all our aims were achieved. It was great for me to come 'back home' at last. That was a real bonus. I would be happy to act as reference for you should it be useful. It is the least I could do for the help you offered. The Int Corps has a match tomorrow (Wednesday) against the Physical Training Corps. I know the ball skills practice you showed us at the Sharks pavilion will be employed in the warm up.Thanks again Russ will no doubt be in touch soon with regard to the boxing. All the best, Craig

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Malta Seniors Rugby Tournament 15th - 18th May 2015

If you are considering going for a rugby tour abroad then the Malta seniors rugby tournament is a great option and one of the most entertaining 15s rugby tournaments available in Europe. We have been organising rugby tours on the islands for the past 10 years and this event has been running successfully for the past 8 years. The weather in Malta and all that the islands have to offer combine very well to make this tournament a great overall rugby tour experience both from an entertainment point of view as well as rugby. In Malta the rugby spirit is vivid and honest and all rugby teams visiting the islands get to share this great feeling through this tournament. All teams normally arrive on Thursday and Friday which are free days, where one can choose to do one of the many optional activities available. On Friday night there is the manager's meeting followed by a welcome gathering for all participating sides where all teams will be provided with a limited amount of free drinks to be consumed at the official bar of the tourney.
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Malta Seniors Rugby Tournaments

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On Saturday we stage the rugby tournament normally based on a qualifying stage and final games, beer and food will obviously be made available at the playing venue. After the tournament there is a 3rd half at the rugby club house where a presentation takes place. In the evening there is a fancy dress party with lots of drinking and partying. On Sunday we organise an optional boat cruise viisting Gozo, Comino & the famouse Blue Lagoon, Malta's best swimming spot. This day normally includes a fantastic hot & cold buffet lunch as well as all beer & wine throughout the day. We provide full travel packages including or excluding flights at great value so submit your interest to join this rugby tournament in 2015 today by submitting a request form online. We will make the process as easy as possible and look forward to host you on our islands for a memorable rugby tour.

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